It’s no longer news that cult activities has gravely affected the peaceful nature of Ilaje LGA, and before now efforts has been made at curbing the menace, but over the years, the efforts has proven futile.

Recently, there’s been cult clashes that has led to loss of lives, and this time, the people has had enough, and are forced to look inwards to find a lasting solution.

In finding a lasting solution, the Ilaje Dynamic Patriots (GWAMA) met on the 29th of May, 2021, and the outcome of the meeting was a communal ban on cult activities. They resolved that no form of cult activities will be tolerated, and any breach of the directive will be met with appropriate punishment.

As part of the efforts at putting an end to cultism, a protest was also put together as a way to warn and sensitize people on the dangers and consequences of cultism, and also it’s implications when caught in the act.

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